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About Us

EYouth is an Egyptian national organization started in December 2010 aiming at Enriching Youth’s community (home, school, university and streets) with practices to be a lifestyle, to help in creating proactive youth who are capable of taking creative decisions to solve their society problems by empowering them through social entrepreneurship skills.


  • We started as an idea on paper and we dreamed to be part of tomorrow. Each one of us benefits the society in a specific way. It doesn't matter what it is. But what really matters is that you benefit it with what you love may be something simple or small....but has a big impact. The important thing is to specify your goal and know what you want.


    Ahmed Omar
    - One of Advisory board

  • Our difference was an opportunity for us to complete ourselves. But it gave us an opportunity to change and dream. Our difference was the base. The difference allowed us to see new creative ideas. We all were concerned of how we can benefit our country and so, everyone thought how to make that true. Everyone of us had a struggle story. It was a step in the 1000 mile way starts with a step.


    Alaa Obieda
    - president of EYouth