EYouth Cup season 1

EYouth Season I started in May 2011 when EYouth proposal was accepted among the 37 winning projects in the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund “AEIF" 2011. We believe that season I served its goals though it is just a small step on the road towards real development of Egyptian Youth .That’s why we want to continue the way and sustain EYouth as an initiative empowering youth all over Egypt and the Middle East. During season I, many obstacles faced us and we successfully overcame them and this made us more strong and resilient but at the same time those obstacles delayed the implementation of the organization for some time.

The 1st step of EYouth Organization "Season I"

was “EYouth Survey" in which we surveyed 1200 Egyptian youth on their lifestyle and social entrepreneurship skills. The results of the survey were very helpful to us to build our program. It took place in June - August 2011

The 2nd step of EYouth Organization "Season I"

was “EYouth Summit" in which we camped with 210 Egyptian youth from all over Egypt in the Educational City, 6th October city for a full week from September 1st till September 7th, 2012. It was the most important experience in the lives of those young youth aged (15-21 years old). They learnt all the needed skills to be successful on the lifestyle and on the social entrepreneurship levels. EYouth Summit was considered the main step of EYouth organization in which we transform people’s lives. There were 18 different teams working during the summit on different projects ideas. Finally they ended up with 18 successful projects proposals.

The 3rd step of EYouth Organization "Season I"

was “EYouth Seniors’ Orientation Day" in which we invited a group of EYouth summit participants’ parents. We started a discussion with them about their offspring and how they deal with their children; then we showed them their children presenting the different projects in front of their eyes and how EYouth changed their lives. Thus reducing the gap between the two generations.

The 4th step of EYouth Organization "Season I"

was “EYouth Mini-grants competition" in which we provided 4 out of 18 proposals submitted by summit teams with the sufficient money and contacts to start implementing their projects on real life circumstances. We encouraged other teams to start implementing. One of these teams is successfully working now.

The 5th step of EYouth Organization "Season I"

was “EYouth Paying Forward Conference" in which we invited Egyptian youth to come and attend a full day conference allowing them to meet EYouthians and to know about their experience. More than 1,000 people were excited to attend; we could only accept 500 attendees due to place and money restrictions. It was an awesome conference presenting different winning projects, different Egyptian youth talks and talents. It took place on Saturday, March 16, 2013 in the British University in Egypt.

EYouth Cup Goals

  1. Teaching young men and women the fundamentals of social entrepreneurship.
  2. Graduating local instructors at each city to ensure sustainable and efficient results.
  3. Establishing youth-based small communities inside each governorate to be a foundation for further social development and improvements of their local communities.

EYouth Cup "Season I" Objectives:

  1. Holding the program in20 cities in different Egyptian governorates at least.
  2. Training more than 4000 participants during the process of the cup in the different governorates.

EYouth Cup Season I Milestones:

1. EYouth Cup Phase I Recruitment:

We received over 300 applications from all around the country. We filtered the applications and interviewed 74 candidates in Cairo and 65 in Assuit. We accepted the best 60.Thirty Instructors and equal number of Ambassadors from 12 different Governorates.

2. EYouth Cup Phase I Capacity Building:

We held a four-day camp in Assuit university campus, where the new Instructors & Ambassadors participated in workshops on:

  • Entrepreneurship & startup management. o Egyptian society & culture.
  • Training skills
  • Social psychology.

We‘ve built partnership with Assiut University, Assiut Students’ Union and the Association of Social Schools Graduates.

3. EYouth CUP Ignite Conferences:

EYouth Cup members held 2 conferences one in Assiut and the other in Beni-Suef to Propagate the idea of the cup as well as make fruitful partnerships with local organizations. The 2 conferences were very successful and achieved their goals.

4. EYouth CUP Phase II Recruitment:

After an online marketing campaign, the 2nd phase of EYouth Cup recruitment was held during late November and December 2013. More than 700 People from nearly all Egyptian governorates applied. Then they were filtered to 280 people. The final selection is done and only 100 active Egyptian youth were selected to attend the next step in EYouth Cup which is the mid-year camp of OC.

5. EYouth Cup Phase II Capacity Building:

The camp took place in February 2014 during mid-year vacation in Assiut. More than 120 have attended the camp. It was a capacity building for the new members to become organizers (facilitators, instructors, ambassadors). The camp was held in partnership with ministry of youth and Business men association in Assiut.

6. EYouth Cup Governorates Training Programs:

This phase has started by recruiting the Cup participants in each of the selected governorates. Then the training took place in the 2nd Term of the year (March till May 2014) Participants have been trained on; (proposal writing, project management, business model canvas, team bounding, fundraising, budgeting, strategic planning, marketing, market research and some technical skills and soft skills. Nearly 36 hours of training per group. The ambassadors were responsible for recruiting participants; propagating the program and making partnerships will local community organizations. The instructors were responsible for teaching the curriculum to the participants in each govern

7. EYouth Cup Projects local competitions and closing ceremonies:

By the end of each training, a number of teams formed in each governorate. Each team had project according to their proposal and we evaluated the teams, selected the winners and followed-up on them till the grand competition. By the end of the training and the competition we held several closing ceremonies in the following governorates (Qena- Assuit- BeniSuif- Alexandria- Mansoura - Cairo and Giza).

8. EYouth Cup Grand Competition:

The Grand Competition took place during last summer vacation in Abo Qeir youth city, Alexandria at 7th of August. There were 70 ascended projects from the local competitions where the top 30 projects had pitched their ideas in front of judgment committee. Beside the conference there were a fair where each team of the 70 teams had a booth space to present their ideas and projects to the attendees, organizations and investors. During the competition, the 70 teams had competed together and the best 20 projects have won and are being seed funded, given connections and networking and technical consultancy to implement their projects by EYouth organization. The competition was also an opportunity for other students to see the work of their fellows and for the parents and community leaders to assess the youth empowerment. The conference hall was full of attendees, the attendees number exceeded 1200 attendee from the different 20 governorates. All fees of the conference, catering and meals, accommodations and transportation were covered by EYouth organization and the ministry of youth.