EYouth Cup Season II | Unleash Your Potentials:

After the huge success of season I, we decided to take it to a whole new level. We want to serve more people, satisfy their curiosity about social entrepreneurship and extract the best ideas inside them turning it into actions. We wanted to do so with better quality and reach more people. So EYouth cup cycles are being repeated.

EYouth Cup Season II Objectives:

  1. Build central organization teams including (Facilitators - ambassadors – public relations – human resources – Media – IT – Follow up- Reporting)
  2. Create a group of young facilitators and ambassadors in each of the 20 cities ready to take the organization forward.
  3. Holding the program in 27 cities in different Egyptian governorates at least.
  4. Training more than 8000 participants during the process of the cup in the different governorates.
  5. Hold the (opening – the competition –closings) in the governorates.
  6. Hold the Grand competition.

EYouth Cup Season II Milestones:

1. EYouth cup season II || Ignition camp:

We started the new season with recruiting more people for the big duties this year. We held heavy selection process and we had selected 100 youth from 560 applications we had received. 6th October City for 4 days from 19 to 22 of August 2014. The members have joined the different organization’s committees where they have learned the basics in each committee .They also have been trained to prepare and organize EYouth Summit 2014 which is the main capacity building for EYouth Cup season II. E-Era and U.S embassy were our partners in this camp.

2. EYouth Summit 2014:

EYouth Summit 2014 is the main capacity building camp in the annual cycle where we select the members shall work in the new season and give them condensed an extensive training to be qualified to hold the cup in their governorates. We have selected 210 Youth aged from (15 to 24 years) from 20 governorates out of the applications we had received. We camped in the International Youth City in El Arish for 7 days from 4th to 10th of September 2014. Each one of the members have joined the following committees (Ambassadors- Public Relations and Fund Raising- Facilitators- Follow up - Human Resources- Reporting- Media- IT), attended extensive training and participated in workshops about all subjects related to the committee duties. On the personal level the camp was a very unique experience in their lives and it touched the deepest aspect of them.

3. EYouth cup season II || Desert Invasion:

To assure optimum quality of the training this season we have held a special camp to optimize the powers and capabilities of the functioning core teams of the Cup (Ambassadors and Facilitators). We have opened a call for the vacant positions in certain governorates to fill the gap, called the facilitators and ambassadors and prepared an upgraded package of training. We have settled in Shakshok, El Fayoum City at Civilizational Educational Center for 6 days starting from September 28th to October 3rd . The skills of the ambassadors and the facilitators have been boosted and fully charged. They have learned and applied new methods of work including facilitation License in which the licensee only will conduct the training during the Cup sessions.

What Is Next?

1. Opening ceremonies and info Sessions:

EYouth will organize opening ceremonies at local levels. We will target the youth’s communities such as (Schools- Universities- clubs- Libraries) to let them hear about EYouth Cup and grasp their attention. These activates will be accomplished in November 2014. We will seek partnership with the different governmental and non- governmental organizations.

2. Local Competitions and closing ceremonies:

The teams will compete at a governorates level to win a ticket to the grand competition. This format of competition brings the best of the people and put their efforts in the right way. The teams will pitch their ideas and proposals in front of local judgment committee who will give them advices on how they can enhance their plans and proposals. The local competitions will take place in April and May 2015. In the local competition we will invite students, professors, investors and officials to take part in the competition. The competitions are followed by closing ceremonies where all the participants and organizers will be honored. The ceremonies will include artistic shows.

3. Grand competition conference:

Only the winners in the local competitions can take part in the Grand one. The competition will occur at August 2015 in the Educational City, 6th October City. Social Entrepreneur, social enterprises, association, investors, companies, officials, students and individuals will be invited to attend this fruitful conference. Beside the conference there will be a fair so the teams can present their ideas and projects to the different visitors. The conference will be the biggest gathering for the social entrepreneurs in Egypt. It will also be an opportunity for other students to see the work of their fellows and for the parents and community leaders to assess the youth empowerment.

I. Statistics:

  • - Trained more than 5,000 young men and women at the level of the Republic.
  • - Workshops included more than 20 governorates.
  • - EYouth helps young people to achieve more than 174 pioneering social development projects.
  • - We have more than 10 closed camps in different governorates.
  • - We have partnership with more than 50 Association and Foundation.
  • - We establish the first radio for entrepreneurs in Egypt (www.EYouthradio.org).

II. Media Exposure:

We had interviews in many Egyptian channels such as CBC , Rotana Masrya , Elmanara and ON TV.