EYouth Summit 2012

Which we camped with 210 Egyptian youth from all over Egypt in the Educational City, 6th October city for a full week from September 1st till September 7th, 2012. It was the most important experience in the lives of those young youth aged (15-21 years old). They learnt all the needed skills to be successful on the lifestyle and on the social entrepreneurship levels. EYouth Summit was considered the main step of EYouth organization in which we transform people’s lives. There were 18 different teams working during the summit on different projects ideas. Finally they ended up with 18 successful projects proposals.

EYouth Seniors’ Orientation Day

in which we invited a group of EYouth summit participants’ parents. We started a discussion with them about their offspring and how they deal with their children; then we showed them their children presenting the different projects in front of their eyes and how EYouth changed their lives. Thus reducing the gap between the two generations.

EYouth Mini-grants competition

in which we provided 4 out of 18 proposals submitted by summit teams with the sufficient money and contacts to start implementing their projects on real life circumstances. We encouraged other teams to start implementing. One of these teams is successfully working now.

EYouth Paying Forward Conference

in which we invited Egyptian youth to come and attend a full day conference allowing them to meet EYouthians and to know about their experience. More than 1,000 people were excited to attend; we could only accept 500 attendees due to place and money restrictions. It was an awesome conference presenting different winning projects, different Egyptian youth talks and talents. It took place on Saturday, March 16, 2013 in the British University in Egypt.